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All about the best grow light manufacturers, i.e., The Mars Hydro

This guide on LED grow lights might help you identify the finest alternative for your operation if you grow plants at home and seek the best type of grow lights for your indoor garden. Plant Kween, also known as Christopher Griffin, recalls the first time they entered their Brooklyn residence. Christopher describes the scenario in their recently published book, You Grow Gurl! : Plant Kween’s Lush Guide to Raising Your Garden, describing how spacious and bright the location was thanks to its high ceilings and crucial south-facing windows. “Gurl, I put down that deposit so quick,” they said.

What Is the Process of Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis often occurs in plants in the presence of sunshine. Plants use the energy from the sun to fuel this metabolic process, which results in their food production. To flower and expand, plants transform light energy from the sun into chemical energy or carbohydrates. Plant leaves contain chloroplasts, which are where photosynthesis occurs. The stages of photosynthesis are as follows:

Chloroplasts in plants have pigments that can absorb certain wavelengths of light.

To create high-energy electrons, this captured light energy is used.

High-energy electrons create energy to produce a more reliable energy source.

Carbon dioxide and carbohydrates are combined using this reliable energy source, releasing oxygen.

Manufacturers of LED Grow Lights

The original producers of LED grow lights have been working on LED production for a long time. There has been a misperception that LEDs were soon to be used in plant growth since the High Times’ ground-breaking work in 1974. In actuality, it has been almost two decades. Many established Leds light suppliers with such a long history and cutting-edge technology have been driven out of business in recent years as thousands of suppliers from other industries follow in the footsteps of profit and convenient “part-time” LED manufacturing. This has boosted the LED market’s prosperity and contributed to the phenomenon of “the bad driving out the good.”

However, there are still a lot of powerful, established players who have a steadfast interest in LED lighting and agriculture, as well as a passion for both. These players stubbornly invest in costly technology research and development to give growers worldwide access to ethical, environmentally friendly, and powerful LED lighting products.

Mars Hydro’s Historical Viewpoint

In 2008, Mars Hydro entered the market for superior efficiency LED grow lights intended for plant growth as a manufacturer and quickly rose to the top.

When orange-hued Pressurized Water Sodium lights were all the rage in the grow light industry in 2008, Blurple Leds lights were one of our first product lines. We won our first followers thanks to our astounding performance, comparable to HPS in plant yield. Plant gardeners that desired a narrow slice to promote vegetation or flowering favored the purple series “MARS COB” and “MARS PRO.” These products were quite popular.

The most economical and dependable quantum board LED grow lights, the TS series LED grow lights, were developed in 2019 to make growing plants at home easier and more productive. Home gardeners enjoy dramatically higher yields and exquisite flavors without being concerned about the hefty upfront expenditures of LED grow lights.

Mars Hydro FC series inter LED grow lights, which boast an efficiency of 1,000–1,200 micromoles/m2/sec and are bright, cool, and uniform, were presented to the farmer community in 2020. The FC LED series is a cutting-edge PRO-level LED grow lamp series for expert growth and commercial cultivation on a wide scale, particularly for single or multi-racking setups. The premium Samsung LM301B diodes power it.

For growers that prefer uniformity which comes with a multi-bar design at a more affordable price, the FC-E plant LED series was produced in 2021. This was done to reduce upfront expenses on the theory of nearly-equivalent efficiency and subsequently increase marginal returns for commercial growers.

Results of the research hatched in late 2021. Mars Hydro FC8000 and FC-E8000 Leds grow lights rode the indoor growing trend and became the newest commercial horticulture models. They were determined to push the light intensity limits, reaching 1,500 micromoles/m2/sec. Adding supplemental carbon dioxide, FC8000, and FC-E8000 to the photon supply will boost crop growth rates as well as the size and caliber of the fruits.

It has taken this evolution 14 years. We’ll be moving toward high performance, intelligence, and remonetization in the future. We’ll control the artificial sun by increasing light intensity, spectrum conversion, wireless management, and smart programming. Mars Hydro is prepared to collaborate with you to build a future you can be proud of.

Justifications for Purchasing From Mars Hydro

Making LED grow lights is a simple task, therefore if someone asks me why I select the original manufacturers, I’d respond that,

-Their pricing is ex-factory and includes all fees.

Their LED lights are dependable because they are produced in-house, under strict quality control, rather than outsourced.

Due to their extensive consumer survey and amazing sensitivity to market changes, their grow lights are grower-friendly.

-Their R & D departments have a specialist literacy that is developed over time, resulting in their technology being cutting-edge, inventive, and dynamic.

-They can quickly customize products in huge quantities to meet individualized demand.


In the end, Mars Hydro is a renowned LED grow lamp producer with over a decade of experience. If you’re prepared to purchase a new LED setup for the 2022 growing season, Mars Hydro should be at the top of your choice due to its robust lumen output and battle-tested designs. Check out the Grow Tent Kit section if you’re interested in purchasing a package that includes a grow tent, a Mars Hydro LED system, and a ventilation system. Alternately, head to The Best LED Indoor Gardening for Cannabis Cultivators if you’d like to look through additional LED manufacturers.


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