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All-time ‘iPhone 13’market rating

Apple, the No. 1 market cap in the U.S. NASDAQ stock market, is expected to see its market capitalization surpass $3 trillion (about 34.44 trillion won) next year due to the launch of its new iPhone and its entry into the automobile market.

It is expected that 폰테크 the iPhone 13 (tentative name) to be released in the second half of this year and the lowest-priced iPhone to be released next year will be released. On top of that, the fact that Apple Car is preparing to enter the automobile market is also raising market expectations.

Expectations for iPhone 13 launch in the second half of this year

The rise in Apple’s stock price is due to growing expectations for the iPhone 13 to be released in the second half of this year. According to foreign media such as CNET, the iPhone 13 is likely to be released on September 17 this year. The public date is the 8th of the same month.

In particular, some predict that the iPhone 13 will record all-time sales, given that it will be released at a similar level to its predecessor.

The high price has been pointed out as the only drawback of the iPhone.

Since launching the iPhone in 2007, Apple has raised prices every year when it releases new products. The iPhone 12, which was released last year, increased by $ 100 (about 110,000 won) from its predecessor iPhone 11. iPhone 13 is likely to be priced at $ 699-1099 (about 780,000 ~ 1.24 million won), the same level as the iPhone 12 series.

Expected image of iPhone 13

Photo description iPhone 13 expected image.

Some analysts predict that Apple’s stock price will rise in the summer before the release of iPhone 13 in September. JP Morgan, the largest U.S. bank, also raised its target stock price of Apple shares from $165 (about 187,000 won) to $170 (about 193,000 won) in a report on the 6th.

JP Morgan said in a report that Apple’s iPhone 13, which will be released in September, is expected to generate higher sales than expected, raising stock prices. He also explained that Apple has enough room to rise as it has received less attention from investors in the first half of this year.

“Apple’s poor performance reflects a lack of a catalyst for the rise in stock prices so far this year. The demand for the iPhone 12 is relatively resilient and Apple’s stock price will generally surpass earnings (over market returns) between July and September ahead of the release of a new iPhone in the fall,” said Samic Chatjee, an analyst at JP Morgan.

In particular, he added that it is also positive that the stock price has jumped significantly when the new iPhone is expected to record high sales so far or exceeded investors’low expectations.

In response, the U.S. economic media Business Insider said, “Apple has the potential to rise by 21% as sales of iPhone 13 are expected to surpass investors’ expectations.”.

 Apple car to iPhone $3 trillion expected next year

Some predict that Apple’s market capitalization will surpass $3 trillion. Apple’s market capitalization is expected to exceed $3 trillion next year as it launches a new iPhone with the lowest price ever in the first half of next year and enters the auto market through Apple cars.

In March, Citigroup diagnosed that entering the auto market could be a catalyst to raise Apple’s market capitalization from $2 trillion to $3 trillion. “I believe that Apple will make an Apple car through outsourcing production,” Citi analyst Jim Suba said in a report at the time. “This will be part of Apple’s market capitalization rising from $2 trillion to $3 trillion.”.


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