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Attempt to attack Saudi city Jeddah fails!

Attempt to attack Saudi city Jeddah fails!
Riyadh: The Saudi Ministry of Defense says that the missile attack on Jeddah city has been thwarted.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense said that the attempt to attack the coastal city of Jeddah was foiled on Saturday morning, destroying the enemy’s “air target”.

The Saudi Defense Ministry said an air target in the direction of Jeddah was stopped and destroyed by an unidentified enemy.

However, Saudi security officials did not provide further details on the attack or say who was involved. While local media reported that timely action by security forces thwarted the missile attack attempt, the Saudi coastal city was spared major damage.

It is believed that in recent days, the Coast Guard also destroyed an explosive remote control boat belonging to the Houthis.

Earlier on Wednesday and Friday, drones sent to southern Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait and Jazan were stopped and destroyed along the way.


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