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Keeping your oral health up to the mark is easy as daily cleaning, brushing and flossing helps you keep your mouth clean and bacteria-free. However, you might think that brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day will help you keep your teeth clean and mouth tidy, which is assuredly accurate but have you ever thought does it clean your mouth entirely?

Teeth cleaning at home is easy as these little things help a lot, but they do not clean your mouth entirely. Getting a dental appointment is necessary for teeth cleaning as they go in-depth and clean your mouth from every angle, which makes your teeth stronger and keeps your oral health up to the mark. You will assuredly be shocked after seeing teeth cleaning before and after results as this routine works like a charm.

This article will discuss how dentists do teeth cleaning and what can you expect during the teeth cleaning procedure. Moreover, we will also guide you about the dentist in Karachi teeth cleaning cost to take away all your concerns. So, let’s dig deep and start.

Overview: Dental teeth cleaning

Do you know many people dread tooth cleanings? Between all the prodding, weird noises, and discomfort of the jaw, it’s easy to understand the anxiety, but teeth cleaning is easy and painless for most people.

However, knowing what exactly goes when you are going through the procedure might help you ease your mind and allow you to enjoy better the results. And, we will tell you everything that takes place in the teeth cleaning procedure.

When a dental hygienist performs teeth cleaning, it hardly takes 30 – 60 minutes,
including cleaning your teeth and gums. Avoiding the teeth cleaning procedure just because of fear can lead you to many oral problems. Thus, knowing what measures are taken in the process is essential.

    Before starting any teeth cleaning procedure, you may go under a physical exam of your oral health. A dental hygienist will examine your entire mouth by using a small mirror to check around all of your teeth and gums to check for any possible signs of gingivitis or plaque, the buildup of tartar or dark spots on the teeth.And, if a dental hygienist finds any possible major issue like cavity or gum disease, then he/she might call the dentist to make sure if it’s OK to start the procedure or not.
  2. Removes any present plaque and tartar
    Once you get over with the dental examination, the dentist will begin to remove any tartar buildup or plaque using a small hook called a scaler. Plaque and tartar can be buildup on the surface of the teeth, between the teeth and near the gums.If the tartar buildup quantity is too much, the dentist might have to use the ultrasonic scaler. Ultrasonic scaler feels like gently vibrations and water to remove the large buildup quantities of tartar, while the manual scaler feels like scraping.
  3. Polishing and flossing the teeth
    Once the dentist gets over with removing all the tartar and plaque from your mouth, then the hygienist starts to polish the teeth and removes any stains with the help of a handheld electric tool and with a rubber prophy cup attached. While using the handheld electric instrument, the dentist will also use gritty toothpaste called prophylaxis paste.During the dental scaling and polishing procedure, the patient can expect to feel and slow and steady grinding motion on their teeth. Once it’s done, the hygienist then starts to floss the patient’s teeth to help to remove any remaining plaque and paste.
  4. Rinsing the mouth
    After a dental scaling and polishing procedure, the dentist asks you to rinse your mouth to remove any present debris. Remember, you won’t be rinsing your mouth with water, but your dental hygienist will give you a rinse containing liquid fluoride, an element that helps in cleaning and can be found in almost all of the toothpaste too.
  5. Flouride treatment
    Once all the procedure is done, the dental hygienist will go for the fluoride treatment, which helps in protecting your teeth from all the bacteria, tartar and plaque. Fluoride treatment is essential, and most dental offices use this technique to protect your teeth and gums.Your dental hygienist often asks you what fluoride gel flavor you prefer then this gel like thing is placed inside a piece of mouth that a patient has to keep in their mouth for approximately a minute to provide proper protection to their teeth and gums.

Is the dental cleaning process painful?

Once you are familiar with the process, you might be thinking whether the dental cleaning process hurts, or some might be thinking why does dental cleaning hurt so much if it’s that easy. However, most of the patients experience a minimal amount of pain while going through the dental cleaning process.  While the others might experience a different amount of pain due to:

  • Dental sensitivity, tooth decay
  • Going through the dental cleaning after an extended period
  • Temporomandibular disorders (Pain in the jaw)

Are there any disadvantages of teeth cleaning?: can dental cleaning damage teeth?

There might be severe disadvantages of teeth cleaning like nerve damage, high risk of infection if you don’t get your teeth cleaned by a professional. A single mistake can put you in extreme pain. Thus it would be best if you always consider a professional hygienist. If the process is done right, there aren’t any severe teeth cleaning side effects

Zia dental care is the most appropriate dental office for you. Your oral health and safety is our priority. Also, we have the best dentist in Karachi named Dr Aimen Zia

does scale and polish damage teeth?

Dental scaling and polishing procedure do not damage your teeth if the cleaning process is done right. And, there are not any severe teeth scaling and polishing side effects. So, you don’t need to be worried about is polishing teeth good or bad

How much are dentist teeth cleaning cost?

Are you worried about teeth cleaning cost? Well, you shouldn’t be since it’s a primary procedure and it does not cost that much. If you are thinking to go through the dental teeth cleaning procedure, book an appointment at Zia dental care and get the process done in no time.

How much do teeth scaling and polishing cost?

Are you thinking of getting your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist? But are you concerned about teeth scaling and polishing cost? You shouldn’t be worried about the pricing when you book an appointment at Zia dental care, as we provide dental care services in the most reasonable pricing brackets. 


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