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ISIL’s reorganization threatens world peace, UN says

ISIL’s reorganization threatens world peace, UN says
Geneva: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has warned that the threat posed by ISIS to the world is growing again.

According to the World News Agency, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres presented a report to the Security Council warning that local extremist groups in Syria, Iraq and several countries on the African continent are joining ISIS. The organization is being reorganized.

The report also said that terrorist groups were taking advantage of the lack of military operations in Corona. Development work around the world has been hampered by the Code-19 epidemic, but the use of technology has increased in the wake of the epidemic.
The report added that extremist groups have taken advantage of the technology, while overall cybercrime has increased during the Corona epidemic. Misuse of the Internet has increased.

He said operations against ISIS were ongoing in Iraq, but militants were still carrying out guerrilla attacks. These militants want to gain media attention by weakening infrastructure projects and inciting sectarian riots.

The report says the extremist group’s finances are estimated at between 25 25 million and 50 50 million for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Most of the funding is in Iraq.


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