Joe Biden meets Vladimir Putin, agrees to return deported ambassadors

Joe Biden meets Vladimir Putin, agrees to return deported ambassadors
Geneva: A meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin agreed on the return of the deported ambassadors, but there is still bitterness between the two countries.

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Geneva yesterday. The meeting lasted more than three hours and discussed other issues, including the long-running dispute. Also agreed. The two countries also agreed to discuss issues such as reducing the proliferation of weapons and cyber security.

According to the news agency, the Russian president told the media after the meeting that the meeting with the US president was positive, but Russian opposition leaders and the US reject US concerns about the increase in the number of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine He has no right to lecture Moscow on the issue, while the United States has made it clear that Russia has no role in the cyber-attacks.
On the other hand, the US President said in a separate press conference that he had told the Russian President that the US agenda was not against Russia but for the Americans, besides raising cyber security issues including US interests on the Russian President. He made it clear that if Russia violated any of these rules, the United States would respond.


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