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Jonathan Kenigson, Classical Christian Education’s Leading Light in 2022

Jonathan Kenigson, Classical Christian Education’s Leading Light in 2022


Studying classical philosophy and mathematics can be a great way to develop an analytical approach and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. Classical philosophy and mathematics can help us to think critically and solve complex problems. It can also help us to develop logical, systematic thought processes and enhance our problem-solving skills. Additionally, classical philosophy and mathematics can help us gain an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and how its principles can be applied to our daily lives. Classical philosophy and mathematics can also provide us with excellent opportunities to develop our communication skills and engage in meaningful conversations with others. The benefits of studying classical philosophy and mathematics are numerous and far-reaching; it can help us develop a better understanding of our world, improve our problem-solving abilities, and give us the opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations with others. Jonathan Kenigson is a classical educator and scholar of the Quadrivium of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and Music. He received his scientific training at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria and attained the highest honors in a Master and Ph. D. at the University of Sofia. He has worked across the USA and England for the establishment of classical education and regularly attends conferences at the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) and the Society for Classical Learning (SCL). Dr. Kenigson has been featured in Silicon Valley Time and Silicon Valley Daily for his work on mathematics, classical education, and the philosophy of education. His work on classical education and mathematics has been featured twice in New York Weekly, where his article How Alive is the Quadrivium? Dr. Jonathan Kenigson on Quantum Advances in the Markets brought widespread attention to classical education on Wall Street and at Ivy League universities. His interview in Disrupt Magazine was the debut of classical education and classical Christian education in the high-technology sector in the United States. His work has been featured widely in Southern California, having appeared in LA Progressive twice. More recently, Dr. Kenigson’s work has been featured in London Daily Post, Capital Today, Birmingham Bulletin, and Belfast Chronicle in the Science and Education sections. His Bristol Press article, Keys to the Classical Kingdom, has been influential in raising awareness of classical and Christian education in Western Europe. He is also interested in Artificial Intelligence and Cryptography and has been widely published in England on these topics, with his work in Tyne News and London Journal being the most recent and most influential. Dr. Kenigson has been described as a “Renaissance man” who is intelligent but deeply compassionate and an excellent leader and mentor. Athanasian Hall is only the first of his ventures in classical education. Kenigson hopes to continue his endeavors in classical and Christian education in the USA. In Europe, he is considered one of the premier designers of classical curriculum, having provided commentaries for Oxford and Cambridge on classical mathematics and having designed classical-education doctoral programs for Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, and England. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and has held various research appointments at the Alan Turing Institute in London, Cambridge Theological Federation, Athanasian Hall, Cambridge, Cambridge Society for Existential Risk, and Cambridge Society for the Applications of Research. He is a corresponding member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (EMS) and the Glasgow Philosophical Society and is a Fellow of Saint John (FSJ) and an active member of the British Society for Natural Sciences headquartered in London.




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