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What should I do to gain weight? For those who say that eating is difficult, my metabolism is fast, 6 tactics such as medicine, healthy weight gain methods and a food list are here!


I also tried hard to gain weight for many years and finally learned the necessary things for it. The fact that I started to gain weight increased my sports performance, and doing sports made it easier for me to gain weight. Now, one by one, I will tell you everything you need to know:


Why do you find it difficult to gain weight? You will learn your body type.

You will learn what foods you need to eat to gain weight.

We will give you a free nutrition program to gain weight, yes you heard it right!

and we will give you 6 tips to increase your appetite so that you will never have weight gain problems again. Lets start!


Let’s talk about why you can’t gain weight in a few items so you can see your mistakes better.


You are looking for an easy way to gain weight!


Yeah. There is no easy way to gain weight. If it was easy, you would have bought it.


All we have to do is learn what’s wrong, put some thought into it, spend time and do the right thing. It is not possible with such tactics and tricks.


There is no such thing as a weight gain drug! At least you can’t do it in a healthy way. Yes, supplements or vitamin supplements may be able to compensate for weight gain. But these are already food, not medicine. You must learn to eat right first.


tips for gaining weight


Then, when fitness comes into your life, when you work out a little weight, gaining weight quickly and healthily is child’s play.


Check out our home bodybuilding article, start exercising at home. Because weight training increases the nutritional needs of your muscles and your appetite increases, and you gain weight as muscle!


Learn your body type, accept yourself!


First of all, there is such a thing as body types. Of course, not everyone is the same. We are all different, but we can express this more simply with certain groups. Of course, the Creator did not create us in a type, but we make up such groups so that we can easily understand it.


First you have to solve the quiz below, so you will find out what you are ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph.


In general, ectomorph types have difficulty gaining weight. But this is not so important, whatever you do, what you need to do depends on the same principles. To learn more about body types, we have an article specific to that, I recommend.


Of course you’re not eating enough!


You can say I’m eating a big pizza by myself, okay, but how many times a day did you do that? How many times did you do it in a row?


There is no such thing as consuming too many calories, but not gaining weight. This is scientifically impossible!


You need to calculate your daily calorie needs, you need to increase your calories accordingly. There is no other way out.


Of course there are some tactics to doing this. In other words, it is not eaten too much by saying overeat. We will share these in the following parts, we will see how to increase the appetite to gain weight.


There may be many more reasons, but for now, without further ado, let’s see what to do to gain weight.


Food List to Gain Weight, What Should We Eat?

Which foods help us gain weight?


In fact, everything works, when enough is eaten; nothing works if you don’t get enough total calories.


But the foods on this list are high-calorie foods. What we said, we need to eat more calories so that we gain weight, this is the only rule. Anything that helps us take in excess calories works for us.


Of course, first of all, I would like to talk about the most important weight gainer product. Promass weight gainer supplement provides you with a quick and natural weight gain. It does this thanks to the natural ingredients it contains.


1- Rice!


Yes, according to some, unhealthy calories, if you want to lose weight, it is. But you want to gain weight. Rice is such that it will help you retain water directly in your muscles. So you will travel to the fullest!


Rice is easy to eat, high in calories, and even high in protein!


2- Milk!


Milk helps you get calories in liquid form. If you’re not allergic to lactose, milk is great. What we call protein powder consists of milk, what are you waiting for!


If drinking milk makes you allergic, your acne etc. interest; If you have gas all the time, don’t overdo it. Test it by drinking 1 liter a day.


Also, don’t go and drink light milk! The more calories the better, fat contains more calories. Don’t worry, it’s not unhealthy.


3- Nuts!


Nothing like nuts. It has incredible calories. They are quite nutritious. Nuts also won’t fill your stomach.


For example, you ate a large meal of dried beans and rice, 20 minutes later you can add nuts to it. Even 100 grams of hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, and roasted chickpeas contain incredible calories and are very easy to eat!


4- Potatoes


Potatoes are a very popular food, they are not incredibly high in calories, but they are very edible. It is pureed, you can even fry it in a healthy way without exaggerating it. This will increase your calories.


5- Red meat, fatty


If you also like red meat, it will help you gain weight a lot. Its nutrients, protein, especially if it is fatty, some calories will be very beneficial.


6- Legumes, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans!


Nothing like legumes! It is high in both protein and carbohydrates. It is also low in fat, and you can eat it with high-fat, for example, nuts.


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