Thailand: Good news for tourists

Thailand: Good news for tourists
BANGKOK: Thailand has reopened Puket Island to foreigners.

According to details, Thailand has reopened its popular resort island of Phuket for foreigners without quarantine restrictions, the island welcomed the first tourist flight.

On Thursday morning, a flight from the United Arab Emirates arrived at Phuket International Airport with the first group of foreigners. About 30 tourists were transferred to the hotel after undergoing PCR tests.

Visitors to Thailand are exempt from the quarantine requirement that the government has placed them at least moderately at risk for the spread of the corona epidemic, and that tourists must have been fully vaccinated.

Foreign media say the resurgence of tourists has begun at a time when Thailand has been struggling to contain the resurgence of coronavirus infections since March, with tough economic measures in the capital, Bangkok, this week. Have been imposed.

Although hotel quarantine is required everywhere in Thailand, tourists in the packet can roam freely all over the island, but they cannot travel to any other part of the country for 14 days.

Officials say that although repeated restrictions such as repeated tests and mandatory tracking apps can still be a nuisance for people, after a long lockdown, they may be tempted to take a holiday on the famous beautiful beach shores.


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