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The biggest drug trafficking attempt in European history was foiled

The biggest drug trafficking attempt in European history was foiled

The largest drug trafficking attempt in European history was foiled by seizing billions of rupees worth of cocaine in Germany and Belgium.

According to foreign media, Dutch police officials say that the seizure of such a large amount of cocaine at once is the largest incident in European history that has never happened before.

According to the report, a Dutch company provided secret information to the German authorities, in response to which the German customs officials seized 16 metric tons of cocaine from the port of Hamburg on February 12, which was hidden in a container in Paraguay.

When German customs officials checked the container, they found cocaine hidden in food and beverage cans.

European authorities, in a joint investigation into the incident, also raided Entrep, Europe’s second-largest port, in Belgium and seized more than seven tonnes of cocaine.

According to Dutch police, the cocaine seized from the ports of both countries was being sent to the same address in the Netherlands.

Officials say the seized cocaine is worth billions of dollars, and if just 16 tonnes of cocaine is estimated to be worth ارب 1.8 billion to 4 4.3 billion.

An investigation has been launched into the arrest of a man from a Dutch import company on charges of smuggling such a large quantity of drugs.


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