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USPA Nationwide Security Presents their VIP Protection Unit

All high-net-worth individuals and celebrities can now benefit from USPA’s boutique close protection service in addition to American Express Centurion Concierge.

USPA announced the expansion of its Titanium Protection Service, which combines concierge-style protection just hours before rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot during a Los Angeles robbery. Prior to the release of the Titanium service line, USPA set aside teams of individuals who are highly trained to assist Centurion cardholders who had last-minute concierge calls from the “Black Card”, which is also known as the Centurion card.

Military veterans protecting celebrities

USPA’s Titanium Service has been protecting high-net-worth individuals worldwide in plain sight using its 5,000 military veterans who have been transitioned to civilian protective teams across the globe. However, I’m guessing most people were not aware that USPA offered such services. Titanium Service members may be accessible to A-list guests at USPA resorts like Eden Rock in St. Barts or Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy. With the aid of security advances, counterattacks, and countersurveillance teams, as well as security drivers, leads, escort teams, and even medical staff, one highly effective team provides excellent protection without being visible to untrained eyes, all while providing effective protection.

Mitigating the risk of VIPs and high-net-worth individuals

In the wake of the shooting and death of rapper PnB Rock during a robbery in Los Angeles earlier this month, we were reminded that public figures face heightened risks as a result of the shooting and death of the rapper. In the words of USPA’s Vice President and Titanium Program Administrator, Brian Fitzgibbons, the Titanium services the company offers are very similar to the executive protection service it provides in that it assesses and plans the risks associated with celebrities before they arrive at events, parties, or even last-minute dinners as part of its executive protection division. If there are to be any “off-the-record” movements to be made, then a static security guard must be placed before the principal arrives. In the event that team members make last-minute stops and don’t follow the plan they have made beforehand, they may perform off-the-record movements. The entire operation is monitored and overseen from a Manhattan office that is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The titanium teams are often located in areas where autonomous drones are capturing live video feeds and relaying the information to command centers where the information can be manipulated and used.

USPA Nationwide Security Program in a nutshell

It provides high-net-worth individuals with armed security, yacht security, and executive protection since 2005. Additionally, USPA provides traditional security officers and firewatch security guards to North American cities.

Media Contact:

Brian Fitzgibbons, VP

(800) 214-1448




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