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Delivering the news to the right users at the right time is a big duty and not everyone heeds attention on this thing. USA news room understands the modern requirements of digital era, how everyone wants to be aware of that each single thing happening around the world.

USA news rooms is the best platform for anyone who wants to be aware of the hot topics as well as the current topics. We at USA news room leave no stone unturned to provide our users with the latest updates happening all over the world.

As the word NEWS is the abbreviation of “North. East, West and South”, hence we take this narration very seriously. Our efforts to deliver timely content with maximum entertainment are beyond conversation.

No matter in which topic, or niche you are interested in. At this site, there is news for every age and gender regarding their interests. International affairs, fashion, celebrity talk, sports, political concerns, pressure among the countries and much more.

Write for us:

However, though we have remarkable authors, editors and bloggers who write marvelous news articles for us every time. Still it is very hard to compete with the unbelievable events happening around the world.

Therefore, our site values the raw talent hidden in each among you. And, if that talent is blog writing then the opportunity of guest posting is definitely for you. Many of you may not be aware about what guest posting is? Well Do not worry we will guide you through this.

What is guest posting?

A guest post is a service provided by higher authority sites to the bloggers. The bloggers buy this service and then they write blog or articles related to that website’s market and use the site link in their article.

The post is simply when you write anything for the sake of your own website. But Guest post is a different thing. How? Because one writes for another website. It is not similar to affiliate marketing or anything.

The author simply buys the service, writes his/her article and then publish them on the site using the lender’s link.

What’s in there for me?

Well! You might be thinking why should one get guest posting? Well new authors seek audience which they cannot get in the initial. We also call this term as “Traffic”. So, when one buys the service of guest posting, he or she is basically pushing their article towards the pool of new audience or the untapped market.

Not only, this when new bloggers start writing their article usually does not rank in the way they expect them to be. So, as these sites are of higher authority. Like in our case, USA news room has the authority of “66”.

Such sites had already put their efforts in SEO. Hence, when one buys guest post from us they just simply do not have to worry about the Google ranking.

So in a nutshell, we get a bunch of current and hot topic articles on a daily basis. While the one who buys the service gets the traffic and ranking.

How to make your article eligible for guest posting?

Make sure the article is in accordance with the standard requirements.

  1. Make the content very unique so that it is capable of publishing on a higher authority site. By good content, we mean such compelling news articles that force us to publish.
  2. Make your article worthy by focusing on its length. Longer articles have more worth than the short-length articles. Keep the article between 800-1000 words. So, keep that in mind.
  3. Include visual content in your guest posts like screenshots and flowcharts etc. Such things make the whole topic of the article very convincing.
  4. No matter what the site does with the SEO. It is your responsibility to put your effort. So add all the references, citations, inbound and outbound links.
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